Writing Footstep Fiction on Your Laptop

As you can read at a post titled:

Talking about Footstep Fiction
Some time ago on my

Laptop I wrote a post about
a special genre of Short Story Writing
that I came up with some time ago.

That's basically what this blog is all about,
about Short Story Writing and to make it actual

Footstep Fiction

I basically write a fictional story about for example
a Successful New Blog about Short Story Writing
and this way having a story that's not alwas only fiction,
but something that can also mix in with parts of reality.
Because this blog actually is real and it also
can be a Successful New Blog.

Only Saying that the Short Story Writing blog is also
Successful and has very valuable tips could be fictious, because chances
are that I am not that good at actually writing good Short Stories on my

or give you any good tips about it.
To be able to also make it Successful.

And this is where - You - as a reader can come into the picture,
because you can write your comments on blogposts. So for example when I say that for
Short Story Writing you need to stare at the seeling for half an hour
to get inspiration, and when you think that there are better way's
to get inspiration for Short Story Writing - Your - Comment
(for example combined with several other comments from others) could
make this fiction a reality.

So with this combined efford and the 'Wisdom of Crowds'
this Short Story Writing Blog can become a Success afterall,
even when I am not such a brilliant at
Short Story Writing myself.

You can look at some of my humble attempts of writing
Short Stories on the special page

Short Stories in Developement Feel free to writer your comments, possibly your readers feedback can help me with improving them,
or to provide new inspiration for writing better ones.
To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:

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