Is your Short Story Writing Giving You a Pain in the Neck?

As a (Aspiring) Writer it often is a challenge to get published
- If it's a "Letter to The Editor" that gets published
in a Magazine or an actual Filler or an Article,
or your Short Story,- it always is exciting and enjoyable
to be able to share your Writing Talent with the World.

It's just that with a Laptop that - since the screen is
attatched to the Keyboard
- you constantly have to look
downwards on your screen. Only it's my experience that....,
'Sitting behind a Laptop looking downwards for a
long time can give you strain, or even Neck Pain!'

So in the Side Bar here on the right (Scrolling up a little)
you can find two possible solutions for this problem:

When you look for a Laptop you can simply click on: Laptops

You can also find Laptopsand lot's of other Writing Equipment at: Writing Equipment
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