New Years Resolution: Buying Laptops & Portables for Your Short Story Writing and other Writing Goals.

You can Buy a Laptop
for your Short Story Writing or you might
have even bigger goals,

like for example becomming a real Laptop Fan with
writing about books you like reading and (pre) sell them
on your own Blog(s), and discover how you can
Write your own Book Reviews and do
Affiliate Marketing or for example
starting a actual

Freelance Writing Career, and become a
Freelance Magazine Writer, only chances are
that it won't be easy to break in with

writing Articles for any of the Big Magazines.

Magazine Research Advantage(s)

Since for writing for Magazines, Researching those
Magazines is very important first step. A way to directly
use your Magazine Research is
to write a

to the Editor'

'Readers Letter'

It also has several other interesting sides to it, first
you get a chance that you actually get published and for example
also earn some of the possible 'Fruits' involved. (for example
I once won an expensive After Shave for my Readers Letter)

You usually want to write your letter basically as a Comment
on something you read in the Magazine showing the Editor that
you are familiar with the Magazine and read it. (it can also
help you build a 'Clipping File' with your
Published work.)

Readers Letters
To Open Doors

Also when you want to write a Filler or an Article
for that Magazine, with having had your Readers Letter
Published in that Magazine, chances are that you already
somewhat opend the door for more!

Anyway reasons enough to Buy your self a
Great Laptop for Chistmas to
complement your Writer's Kit don't you think?

Just Have a Look
At Some of Those Great Laptops!

(Or Portables)

You don't Instantly have to buy one,
you can also

Just Have a Look at Some of those Laptops to get
a feel about what they cost, or just
to find out about the

Laptop Specifications you would like to go for.

Or else possibly have a look at any of the
Super Electronic Gadgets for Writers


When you want to build a Freelance Writing Career, or when you just
enjoy writing, looking for a great Laptop and
Finding the Right Laptop for you are definitely things to consider doing.

'Those are Just a few of the Many Reasons
You would like to Buy a Laptop don't you think?'

'Btw, when you found this Post helpful,
or when you know somebody that you think might like to
become a writer or likes to make some extra money with
Blogging (pre) selling Affliate Products
with his or her writing, Please help sharing this Post with
Others - by clicking - on the 'Mail To Icon'
you can find below this Post.'

'Or do you Prefer to write your
Short Stories or Short Fiction in an other way,
on Paper, on a Tablet or
perhaps an other Portable...?

Feel free to tell all about it.'

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