Short Stories in Developement, What Do You Think?

As you might have read on the Short Stories in Developement Page
on the Writer's Lifestyle Blog I have been experimenting with writing
some Short Stories,

Although it probably it's still more like
a type of blogpost, or more like a 'Letter to the Editor'
type of writing that needs to turn into something
more of into actual Short Stories,

You can see for yourself, for example I

Rinse & Repeat and
The Short Story Factory

(Please let me know what you think by
writing your comments, Because as
a Rock Star Writer I need Fans! :))

I also actually wrote about creating
a special kind of reality anticipating
Writing Genre that I call
'Footstep Fiction'

With even - since I do have some of my 'Roots' in
the Music Business (as you can read about in
a tiny little Vision eBook) -
an actual

- Rock Star Writer -

type of Writing Brand with like Rock Stars an
Entourage, with Managers, Promoters, Assistants
and a Fan Club etc. etc.

So occasionally you will see some new
Short Stories here on this blog with
Rock Star Writer type of Adventures,
Btw. talking about Rock Stars or Pop Stars....,
Did You Know I Once Had Mariah Carey On My Sales Team?

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