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Every time you sit
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Laptop or

Tablet, Mobile Equipment etc. etc.

You really want to
Instantly get Inspiration for your

For this I have a Solution
for you....,

You might already have noticed
the Coffee Mug in
the Top left side
of this page

There are lot's of great,

Writers Coffee Mugs for example with
the word - BESTSELLER WRITER - on them or other
Interesting-, texts or
Hilariously Funny Texts
(Or you can also discover about
how you can

Design Them Yourself
For example with
'Your Company Name' on it,
to keep yourself 'In the Picture'
with clients,

Or with with
Encouraging texts that is

- 'Like Starting The Engines' -
that Instantly help you to
Put yourself into
your Writing Mood.)

Coffee Mugs
For Writers:

Just as reading the daily

Writing Tip of The Day

With your daily coffee in a

Writers Coffee Mug
You can instantly put on your Writers Hat,
and keep you focused on your writing.

What Do You Think?

Do You Have Any Other Great
Rituals that Put You Into
Writer's Mode...?'


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