Best Short Stories

What you can consider Best Short Stories
will depend on the genre you like or
how many readers enjoy reading short stories,

You can also just look at some of the
writers you enjoy reading, besides
having writers you admire as a possible
source of inspiration,

On the

Writing Short Stories page
you could read about how also
Travel can help your Inspiration,

The descriptive writing you do when you
write your Post Card, can be Inspirational

You probably know that I am on a constant

Quest to create
more value for you on this Blog,
and In one of the Comments I got on a blog post
I read a readers comment about Appointment Cards,
that made me think about all the different types of
Cards you have, like for example,

Business Cards with info about your
business, Admittance Cards with on it info about
the event, Menu Cards with (obviously) info
about the Menu, and also things like
Gift Cards and
Post Cards.....,

Someting that reminded me of a possible
interesting Topic that you might find valuable,
to write a little post about an other type of Cards,

Because a great way to get new ideas
for your writing and to beat 'Writers Block'
is to do different types of writing,
that can help with creating a
supplementing source of income
and can help

Opening up ideas from a completely different
research source to get Inspiration from,

Because frequently when you are doing a different
type of writing it can help with getting inspiration
for some of your other types of writing you are
working on, for example you can consider doing

Greeting Card Writing,

Sometime ago I listened to an intersting Podcast about

Greeting Card Writing
that Peaked my Interest,

also because - as you might have read
on the

About Page -
I frequently Win a lot of
Slogan Contests and and also because
of a post I did some time ago about the 'Surprise Element' of

'Turning Pages' that made
me realise the Power of 'Turing a Page'
or the Power of 'Opening a Card'.
(Something that I do think is also closely
related to The Secret to Writing Success)

It's even possible to create such an 'Surprise Element'
with using a ('Flipping') 3D Effect as you
can find out more about at:

(Btw. a publisher that publishes humor cards

To Give You an Idea

When opening my Laptop on

I found some more info about 'Greeting Card & Slogan Writing'
that you might find interesting, and on my you can find
a Post titled:

Ideas for Making Money
with Your Camera
with also some
Greeting Card Companies where you can submit your
Greeting Card Ideas.

Or you might like to have a look at some
Greeting Card Markets at: or have a look at a
Greeting Card Association such as:
I also did a little more research
for you and discovered a book about
Greeting Card Writing that I haven't read myself but
that cought my eyes since it matches the Colors on this Blog :)

You might like at
have a look at some of
the Reviews others wrote about it

You can find an Image
of this Book here below:

You can simply click on the Link/Image
(or 'Hoover' over it with your mouse)
to learn more about this book titled:

Freelance Writing for Greeting Card Companies: 2nd Edition

'In other words, when you want to learn
more about

Greeting Card Writing in this Post you can find
a few interesting Resources and just an other way that
when you Should consider to buy a

Laptop how you might be able
to earn your Investment back.'

You don't Instantly have to buy a Laptop, Tablet
or any of the other

Super Electronic Gadgets for Writers
one, you can also

Just Have a Look at Some of those Laptops to get
a feel about what they cost, or just
to find out about the

Laptop Specifications you
would like to go for.


When you want to build a

Freelance Writing Career, starting with Writing Fillers for Magazines and building up from there, or for example
when you want to specialise in

Greeting Card Writing looking for a great Laptop

Finding the Right Laptop for you are definitely things to consider doing.

'Those are Just a few of the Many Reasons
You would like to Buy

a Laptop don't you think?'

'Btw, when you found this Post helpful,
or when you know somebody that you think might like to
become a writer or likes to make some extra money with
Blogging (pre) selling

Affliate Products
with his or her writing, Please help sharing this Post with
Others - by clicking - on the 'Mail To Icon'
you can find below this Post.'

'Btw. have you ever written any Slogan's
for Greeting Cards, or Enter any Contests?
Feel free to write your comments.'

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