Creating Short Fiction

For what Writing Short Fiction
is concerned as you can read on the

Travel Blog
Travel can be a source for getting ideas for
writing your Short Stories,

Some time ago on my

Travel Blog I wrote a post about

waiting time and spending time,
and the great potential a Laptop

(Or a Tablets, Mobile Equipment etc. etc.
to capture your ideas...,)

has for spending your time
productively and profitably, it also inspired me to
write a post about how for example with
Travel Writing and also with

several other types of writing
you can make money with
your Laptop....,

'Find out more about Making Money
with Travel Writing at:

Earn Money With Travel Writing'

Using Your Laptop
for Creating Profits

A Laptop
doesn't have to be very expensive,
you might want to see it as just a Basic Investment
you can do for building your - Travel Business -
and to see your Laptop as an Investment
and excellent partner for launching your Travel Business
to greater hights.

'When you are not yet convinced that buying a
Laptop and writing on a travel blogspot is something for you,
you might want to start with having a look at:

Laptop Lifestyle!

Or you can just look at an example of
a Book Review I wrote
to give you an idea about
how you can sell a Product
(in this case a - Book - online)

with some info about how
to write Product Reviews
in a blog post titled:

Blogging About Books

Feel free to start practice your
writing by writing Comments
and Join the Conversations'.

To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:

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